All 200 cards and all other graphics for Narata Core Deck have been completed. Due to added costs, we launch a quick extra campaign on Kickstarter. We need $3000.

Early backers get Narata Core Deck for $20. In stores, Core Deck will be $45.

Narata Storytelling Cards is a powerful brainstorming tool for novelists, screenwriters, comics creators, advertising executives, illustrators, designers, comedians, and other creative people.

Narata Core Deck consists of 200 colorful cards (standard baseball card size).

The cards display images and associative words of characters, places, creatures, and other elements to stimulate your creative powers.

Shuffle the deck, draw a few cards, study them. Narata helps you develop great storylines, scenes, characters, visual art, and much more.

Narata Storytelling Cards will appeal to all kinds of storytellers, be they novelists, short story writers, screenwriters for film and television, playwrights, comic book creators, stand-up comedians, actors, advertising and marketing professionals, graphic artists or designers.

Narata can be used in countless ways. Simplest of all is to draw a few cards at random, study the cards, and see if any creative sparks go off.

As an example, say you draw the three following cards…

It’s too late now, but you might have come up with the concept for IT, director Stephen King’s blockbuster horror novel that was recently adapted into the biggest blockbuster horror movie of all time (which of course does not mean it’s the best). Of course, a gifted storyteller can come up with several different stories based on these three cards. Here are a couple of quickly improvised examples:

HorrorWhen the Karnacki Traveling Circus comes to Smalltown, it brings with it a malevolent force that starts devouring the souls of the town people one by one.

ComedyWhen his car breaks down outside an idyllic little town, failed stand-up comedian Jake Dallas encounters a hot but totally crazy sorceress who offers him success in return for a night on the town (and his soul).

Every deck comes with a little booklet that suggests several ways of using the cards in your creative work. Develop characters and scenes. Devise complete storylines. Use the cards to play storytelling games.

Other products are already in the pipeline. Expansion Decks let you expand and customize your deck, like new category cards or cards for specific genres. For example, you can order fifty new cards devoted exclusively to Horror or Romantic Comedy, Action or Science Fiction. However, Narata Core Deck is a complete tool on its own. You won’t have to buy more cards.

50 card Expansion Decks for Narata Storytelling Cards.

Narata Expansion Decks.