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expansion6Future Narata products let you expand how you work with Narata Storytelling Cards. Among the the products in the pipeline are Narata Expansion Decks, and a board game designed to let you develop characters, scenes and whole plotlines. Furthermore, a software version of Narata Storytelling Cards is also in the works.

Expansion Decks

The core of the Narata system is the 100 card Core Deck, which assists with your creative work regardless of genre, format or target audience. In addition, and depending on how you like to work, you might want to expand or customize your deck. This is where Narata Expansion Decks enter the picture, each consisting of 50 cards all belonging to a single card category, genre or topic.

Category Expansion Decks

If you wish to add many more cards in a specific category, these decks add a full 50 new cards to one of the categories in your basic Narata deck. When you’ve used Narata Core Deck a while, you’ll know which category or categories you might like to have more options to choose from. 50 card Expansion decks for each of the nine main categories are currently being produced.

Genre Expansion Decks

Genre decks let you customize your deck to a specific story genre and setting. These decks add 50 cards, in all categories, with subject matter suitable to the genre. For example, Narata Romantic Comedy will give you Location cards like Ice Skating Rink and Airport, and Narata Horror contains Object cards like Severed Head and Forbidden Tome.

Topic or Setting Expansion Decks

These decks focus on a specific time period, setting or other topic or theme. For example, Narata Ancient Rome adds Character cards like Centurion and Galley Slave, while Narata WWII adds Goal cards like Blow Up The Bridge and Join The Resistance.

New Category Expansion Decks

In addition to the nine categories that make up the basic Narata deck, several decks with further, new categories will be available. Narata New Category decks will give Narata users ways of expanding the deck as a dramatic and creative tool.

The first such deck we’ll publish is Narata Meta. This deck collects cards dealing with abstract concepts that deepen story thematics and character development. Some examples of Meta cards are Rage, Memory, Prescience and Ambition.

The second New Category deck planned is the Narata Arc deck. These cards let users design how their characters change and evolve. For example, a character’s change from the beginning to the end of a story can be represented by the Arc cards Selfish and Self Sacrificing, or Arrogant and Humble.

Please Send Us Your Feedback!

Some categories may get more than one expansion deck, depending on the feedback we get from active Narata users. Please get in touch if you have requests or questions regarding future publications.

Narata Storytelling Board Game

The Narata Storytelling Board Game is a boxed set containing several large fold-out game boards. While not an actual game, the boards and “rules” let you create characters and scenes, and plot whole stories.

There are two large Narata game boards. One is the Narata Plot Board, for devising complete three-act storylines. The other is the Narata Scene Board, for plotting dramatic scenes. In addition to these, you get several smaller Narata game boards for creating character types like Protagonist, Antagonist, Sidekick, Love Interest, and others.

Narata Storytelling Board Game, now in early development, goes into production when we see enough interest from our fans.


We’re also planning a software version of Narata Storytelling Cards. These applications will be available both as desktop versions (Windows and Mac), and as smartphone apps (iOS and Android). We’re designing the Narata apps to mimic how you use the physical cards, while adding some unique new features.

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Expansion Decks, Board Game, Software

Future Narata products let you expand how you work with Narata Storytelling Cards....

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