categories8The Narata Storytelling Cards Core Deck consists of 100 fully illustrated cards. These are divided into nine categories useful in developing story ideas and plots, scenes, themes and characters. In order to make working with the cards more efficient (and fun), each category has its own color.

1. Character

The Character Category gives you characters that typically appear in popular genres. Character is the category with the most cards, as this is the most important element in virtually every kind of storytelling, regardless of genre. Examples of these are the Detective, Warrior, and Secret Agent cards.

Dinosaur Narata card.Writer Narata card.Secret Agency Narata card.
You also get more general characters that are useful in many stories and scenes, regardless of genre. For example Child, Millionaire, and Stranger. Character category color: Turquoise.

2. Creature

The Creature Category has real and imaginary creatures and entities that appear in all kinds of storytelling. Some examples are WolfRobotMonster and Ghost. Creature category color: Blue.

3. Society

The Society Category collects groups of characters (two or more), and also all kinds of societal institutions. Here you find cards like Army, Film Production Company, Neighbors and Bullies. Society category color: Lavender.

4. Goal

The Goal Category suggests specific dramatic goals for your character or characters. These goals can motivate one specific scene or sequence, or

Stop the Killer Narata card.Taking Pictures Narata card.Surrounded by Monsters Narata card.
the story as a whole. Some examples of Goal cards are Stop the Killer, Find the Treasure, Get Laid, and Win the Battle. Goal category color: Magenta.

5. Activity

The Activity Category shows activities that characters engage in for shorter or longer time periods. Use these cards to elaborate character backgrounds or tie them to the main plot line of your story. Cards in this category include Interrogation, Adultery, Dancing, and Secret Mission. Activity category color: Red.

6. Situation

The Situation Category may seem similar to preceding one. The Activity category deals with an on-going effort one pursues over time. Situation cards involve situations character find themselves in, often involuntarily. The Situation Category includes cards like Imprisoned, Social Humiliation, On the Run and Broke. Situation category color: Orange.

7. Event

The Event Category cards deal with things that happen to a character or to the story world.  These events occur suddenly and over a brief period of time. Event cards are useful to come up with surprising plot points and story reversals.

Witnessing a Crime Narata card.Book Narata card.Jungle Narata card.
They can also be used to fill out a character’s back story. Examples of Narata Event cards inlude A Bright Idea, Heart Attack, Stopped by Police and Nightmare. Event category color: Yellow.

8. Object

The Object Category encompasses many kinds of items relevant to storytelling and other creative work. Some examples of Object cards are Love Letter, Dagger, Spaceship and Treasure Map. Object category color: Olive.

9. Location

The Location Category cards give you maximum freedom in creating settings, scenes and character backgrounds. Some cards in this important category are Palace, Tunnel, Big City and Library. Location category color: Green.

Other Categories

In addition to the basic 100 card Narata Storytelling Cards Core Deck, we will publish additional material. Most important of these are Narata Expansion Decks. If you want many more characters to work with, just purchase a Narata Expansion Deck with fifty new Character cards. Read more about expansion decks here.

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