Card Layout

cardlayoutxxx5The carefully designed layout, style, and colors of Narata Storytelling Cards make them easily readable, with maximum associative power and creative impact. They’re fun to work with, and let you brainstorm and create more freely and therefore also more effectively. Each card “reacts” with the scene, concept, character or story you’re working on. This speeds up your creative thought process, guiding your mind in directions that might not otherwise occur to you.

Card Size

Narata Storytelling Cards are standard baseball collectible size, measuring 2½ inches by 3½ inches (6.4 cm by 8.9 cm).


At the top of each card, you see the title in white capital letters. The title encapsulates the main content in as few words as possible. The colored background in the title field tells you which category the card belongs to.

Narata Storytelling cards layout.Dinosaur Narata card.
For example, a blue background means the card belongs to the Creature category.


Below the title field is a graphic, motif or scene that illustrates the concept and title as literally as possible. Together, the title and image create strong, often surprising, concepts or images in your mind. This boosts your associative power. As a result, you get a lot more ideas, and creative projects become a lot more fun.


Below the image you find the associations field. This is a collection of terms associated with the title and image. Some of these are simple synonyms. Others are thematically related or in other ways relevant. For example, the Activity card ‘Witnessing a Crime’ lists the following associations: observer, bystander, spy, concealed vantage point, testimony, witness protection program, shock, trial, federal witness, fear, dial 911, binoculars. This field’s background is colored with a lighter version of the category color.

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Card Layout

The carefully designed layout, style, and colors of Narata Storytelling Cards...


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